Shut the Mac Up!

4 Reasons to Hate the Sound the Mac Makes when You Boot it Up

  1. It wakes up your children;

  2. It's embarrassing if you're in a library;

  3. It's inappropriate to disturb a meeting;

  4. It's just plain annoying to hear it over and over for no good reason.

16 November 2016

Since recording the video and uploading this site I've discovered that Power for the People might not be the most appropriate name for this project.  The reason is because it's too close to other businesses with similar names.  The challenge is to find a business name that is available both for an entity we can register with Australian Securities and Investment Commission and as a web domain that matches the business name exactly.

So the beast that evolves to run a solar farm will probably be named something than Power for the People.  I won't spend any time looking for an appropriate name until we know how much funding we can raise.


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