Shut the Mac Up!

4 Reasons to Hate the Sound the Mac Makes when You Boot it Up

  1. It wakes up your children;

  2. It's embarrassing if you're in a library;

  3. It's inappropriate to disturb a meeting;

  4. It's just plain annoying to hear it over and over for no good reason.

Shut the Mac Up for just $1!

You've indicated your interest in shutting up your Mac.


Sadly, it's not yet ready for sale.

I've obtained a few quotes, and it looks like we can get it built from around $250.

If enough people demonstrate their interest, I'll go ahead and order the app from a developer.

There are two ways you can demonstrate your enthusiasm for this nifty little stress saver:

Option A.

Send me $1 now, so that I can add it to the dollars already collected and start the project rolling (the faster way).

When the app is ready, I'll send you the link to download it, with no further payment required;


Option B. Just put leave your name and email and I'll contact you when the app is ready to launch (not as fast as Option A).

When the app is ready, I'll send you the link to purchase it, for only $1.

So, are you ready to Shut the Mac Up?




I look forward to working with you.

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