Shut the Mac Up!

4 Reasons to Hate the Sound the Mac Makes when You Boot it Up

  1. It wakes up your children;

  2. It's embarrassing if you're in a library;

  3. It's inappropriate to disturb a meeting;

  4. It's just plain annoying to hear it over and over for no good reason.


If you've tried searching google for a fix for this problem, you've probably discovered an app that used to work, but guess what?

Since Apple updated their Snow Leopard or Sierra or whatever they're up to now, it doesn't work any more.

A little more browsing will reveal a geeky type fix that involves copying and pasting commands into a Terminal window.

Assuming you can follow what the geeks are on about - surprise, surprise!

- that "fix" doesn't work either!

So I'm developing a very simple app called "Shut the Mac Up.

What it Will Look Like

A small icon at the top of your screen that you can access with one click or tap.

When it unfolds, you'll see this:

Just a basic slider that lets YOU determine whether or not to hear that ugly sound.

And the price for getting rid of that noise nuisance once and for all?

Just $1

All you need to do is download, install, set and forget.
That stupid sound will never bother you again.

So, are you ready to Shut the Mac Up?




Silence is golden.

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